Calexico Police Department Policy Manual


Dear Residents:

The men and women of the Calexico Police Department aspire to provide exceptional community service to the citizens of Calexico. Calexico Police officers are not separate from the citizens of Calexico, but are partners in our community. The Police are given their authority from the will and consent of the people. The Police are the instrument of the people to achieve and maintain order in our community. The efforts of the Calexico Police officers are founded on the principles of public service and ultimate responsibility to the public they serve.

Our Police officers are accountable to the people for their decisions and the subsequent consequences of those decisions. Much of our Police response in our community is done in direct response to calls and complaints from our citizens. From the ranks of our citizens come our Police, our judges, and other members of the criminal justice system. Public confidence in the criminal justice system depends primarily on the trust that the people have in their Police. The  fundamental purpose and role of the Police in a free society is the protection of constitutional guarantees, maintenance of public order, crime prevention and suppression, and dutiful response to the needs of the community.

The role of the Calexico Police Department in our community is the guiding principle for the development of our department's Vision Statement, our Mission Statement, and our Policy and Procedural Manual. The character and responsibilities of our law enforcement personnel require that specific and consistent instructions be given to execute their duties and obligations. This manual is designed to provide each member a working guide for achieving the requirements of his/her duties. While sworn and non-sworn personnel are responsible for making discretionary decisions, we are all bound by the law and standards to be fair, consistent and professional. All personnel are required to be familiar with the directives in this manual and when necessary, seek guidance and clarification from a supervisor. These policies are a guide to the exercise of our discretion and the execution of our sworn duty. Gonzalo C. Gerardo
Chief of Police (Calexico Police Department Policy Manual updated and issued on December 2019)