Police Department Mission Statement and Vision

Mission Statement


It is the mission of the Calexico Police Department to build trust in the community by respecting and protecting the constitutional rights of all persons, providing service with honor and respect, protecting life, and promoting strong partnerships with the community thereby increasing the quality of life
                                     for all of Calexico.

• To enhance public safety through community awareness and engagement.
• To promote police-community partnerships and interaction whereby the police respond to the needs of the community
   and the community supports its police department.
• To reduce the fear of crime through community-based policing.
• To provide mentors to our community and its greatest natural resource “The Children”.

Duty - To serve the community first, and with consideration of others always.
Loyalty  - To serve the community, profession, and organization.
Respect - To treat others as you treat a family member, with dignity and compassion.
Honor - To live up to the tenets of the law enforcement code of ethics and the values of the police service.
Integrity - Do the right thing always and engage in behavior that is ethical, professional and demonstrates good character.
Courage - To face adversity with dignity and poise.
Dedication - To provide selfless service to the community as a police employee

*The Police Department’s Mission, Vision and Values statements were approved by the US DOJ Cops Office in 2017*