Calexico is one of California's best kept secrets. A delightful blend of American and Mexican cultures, Calexico's small-town lifestyle, combined with its convenient proximity to the metropolitan areas of Mexicali and San Diego, make it a great place to live.

Calexico's climate is sunny year-round, and offers little to inhibit outdoor recreation. Golfing, water sports, hunting, fishing and hiking are all available in the immediate area, and the beautiful beaches of San Diego and Baja California are easily accessible for day trips or fun-filled vacations. Just across the border, Mexicali is a cultural and entertainment center offering ample opportunity for fine dining, theatre, music and more.

Visitor Information


Holiday Inn Express 760-768-6048

Hollie's Hotel 760-357-3271

John Jay Best Western 760-768-0442

California Suites Motel 760-890-0111

Border Motel 760-357-2707

(Area Code 760)  Click here for a list of restaurants offering delivery service during COVID-19.

Applebee's 768-1649

Rosa's Plane Food  890-8860

Denny's   357-4505

D'Poly's Taqueria 357-2928

Yum Yum's Chinese   357-6000

Golden Dragon Chinese 357-8422

Church's Fried Chicken   357-6630

Kentucky Fried Chicken   357-1141

Jack in the Box   357-4211

Mc Donald's   357-6309

Rally's Hamburgers   357-8205

Pizza Hut   357-6722

Hungry Howies Pizza  357-4700

Las Palmas Restaurant 357-1510


Calexico Taxi   357-1119

Border Cab Co.   357-6161

Yellow Taxi Cab  357-2412

Greyhound Bus  357-1895