Public Works Department

Department Mission

The mission of the Public Works Department is to (1) develop and maintain public facilities and infrastructure effectively and efficiently including the water system, wastewater system, storm drainage system, streets and road system, sidewalk systems, parks system, publicly landscaped areas, airport, municipal buildings and facilities; (2) maintain City vehicles and equipment and (3) oversee the collection of solid waste and recyclable materials in the City of Calexico.

This mission is accomplished through the prudent use of resources, technology, innovations, teamwork, and coordination with other service providers in the City.


Department Description

The City of Calexico Public Works Department supervises the Calexico International Airport, Engineering, Fleet, Facility Maintenance, Streets, Wastewater Treatment and Collection, Water Treatment and Distribution, Solid Waste and Transit.


Public Works is responsible for providing and maintaining the City’s infrastructure, requesting funding for projects, designing and overseeing construction of projects, designs, implements and coordinates specific comprehensive programs dealing with solid waste management (AB 939: Recycling), and related issues. This involves coordination among public and private sectors and monitoring and evaluation of programs in operation. The department is also responsible for City’s compliance with all Federal, State and Local laws for each of its divisions. In addition, it is also responsible for the effective functioning and on-going upkeep (monitoring, upgrading, repairing, replacing and planning) of sewers and water systems. In addition, oversees the control
of water pollution, water conservation programs and recycling initiative.


Engineering Division:
Primary responsibility of the Engineering Division include the overall implementation of the City’s General Plan Goals and Policies through its circulation element and implementation of the Capital Improvement Plan in matters related to programming and designs of circulation patterns, sewer, and water systems. It also pays a vital role in the review of all private developments to ensure consistency with adopted plans and in compliance with Federal, State and Local policies. This includes plan check and inspection of all infrastructure plans for off-site and on-site improvements such as water, sewer, storm water utilities, street, traffic signals, and sidewalks.


Calexico International Airport Division:
Provides and ensures a safe environment and services to those that travel by aircraft, privately and/or commercially.


Facility Maintenance Division:
Provides maintenance support to all city owned facilities and departments in order to provide the employees, residents, as well as our visitors with a safe and clean place in which to conduct city business. Staff consists of one Building Maintenance Worker, who also serves as the Graffiti Abatement Officer.


Fleet & Equipment Maintenance Division:
Provides maintenance, assistance and repairs services to all city owned vehicles, and/or equipment, in its utmost working condition for city staff to perform their assignments as directed.


Paved Streets Maintenance Division:
Provides the safest city streets, sidewalks, alleys and right-of-ways on which to travel.  Maintain storm drains free of obstructions.


Street Sweeping Division:
Provides our city residents, business owners, as well as our visitors with safe and clean sidewalks, streets, alleys, parking areas and public trash containers. The commercial zone is sweated seven days a week, residential zone are swept once every other week.


Traffic Safety Division:
Maintains all city regulatory signage, traffic lane stripping and curb painting. Provides support for city special community events. Through a contract with the State of California, Cal-Trans Division the City of Calexico’s signal lights are maintained.


Public Street Lighting Maintenance Division:
Working in conjunction with and through a contract with the IID the city street lights are maintained.


Solid Waste Division:
Provides a timely and fiscally responsible service to our residents and businesses.  Coordinate and manage the collection, transportation, disposal and recycling of the City of Calexico Solid Waste.


Transit Division:
Provides the most efficient and effective means of transportation services to the community residents and visitors in which to commute within the City as well as the other cities in the Imperial County.


Wastewater Treatment Division:
Works to provide our residents and businesses in a timely and most efficient manner of the treatment of waterborne waste disposal to safeguard our environment within all regulations and laws.


Wastewater Collection Maintenance Division:
Provides the upmost maintenance of the main sewer collection system in order to not to inconvenience our residents, visitors and businesses and/or interrupt the delivery of waste to the treatment facility.


Water Treatment Division:
To strategically provide a reliable supply of the highest quality of safe potable water at the lowest cost possible, while meeting all regulations, laws and mandates within the treatment process.


Water Distribution Maintenance Division:
Provides essential support for the safe delivery of potable water to the residents and business in an environmental responsible manner in the upmost quality for the residents and others to use.