Cannabis Regulations



On December 20, 2019 Ordinances 1205 and 1206 became effective.
Ordinance 1205. An Ordinance of the City Council of the City of Calexico, California, Amending Sections 5.96.020 and 17.11.1020 of the Calexico Municipal Code to Remove Industrial Hemp from the Definition of Cannabis. Beginning today, Industrial Hemp will be treated as any other commodity for purposes of cultivation, manufacturing and all retail activities.
1.    The previously associated cannabis taxes no longer apply to Industrial Hemp.
2.    A conditional use permit is no longer required to cultivation, manufacture, distribute or to engage in retail activities for Industrial Hemp, please check parcel specific zoning for land-use processes.
3.    Please note that approval is required from the County of Imperial, Agricultural Commissioner’s office in order to cultivate Industrial Hemp within the City of Calexico; contact their office at (443) 265-1500 for more information.
Ordinance No. 1206. An Ordinance of the City Council of the City Of Calexico, California, Amending Section17.11.1040 Of The Calexico Municipal Code Increasing the Number of Potential Cannabis Retailer, Non-Storefront Retailer, And Micro-business Permits from Seven (7) to Twelve (12).
(1) An existing wait list for the newly available licenses exists. The City Clerk maintains this list, please contact this office at (760) 768-2102 for more information.
(2) In the event that one of those entities fails to secure both a Conditional Use Permit and Commercial Cannabis Activity Regulatory Permit, that license will become available from a new wait list.
(3) In order to be considered for the new wait list please submit an application via email only and pay the $1800 application review fee. Once applications are deemed complete and fees are paid the applicant will be placed on a wait list.
(4) Applications are placed on the wait list if the entirety of the Commercial Cannabis Regulatory Permit Application is deemed complete under the following conditions:
A. Completed properly with all the required information, signatures and is notarized.
B. The application review fee is paid to the Finance Department.
Please note that this fee is non-refundable and the payment of fees does not guarantee that the application and proposed retail facility will be entitled.
There are currently other Commercial Cannabis Activity Regulatory Permits available Cultivation, Manufacturing and Distribution.
If you have any questions please feel free to contact us at:
(760) 768-2105
608 Heber Avenue
Calexico, CA 92231