Public Records Requests

The California Public Records Act provides individuals with the right to inspect and obtain copies of disclosable public records maintained by local agencies (Gov. Code, § 6250 et seq.).

To request records, please submit a Public Records Request Form to the Calexico City Clerk's Office. Requests for records may be submitted in person to the Office of the City Clerk or in writing to:

City of Calexico
608 Heber Avenue
Calexico, CA 92231
Attn: City Clerk

Completed forms may also be returned electronically, via fax at (760) 768-2103, or via e-mail at The City Clerk’s Office responds to all requests promptly; however, the volume of information and complexity of each request dictates the response time. The Act allows a period of ten (10) days for the City to determine whether the request seeks disclosable records in possession of the City and under certain circumstances, the time for the City to respond may be extended. The charge for copies is 10¢ per page and payment is due prior to copies being made. Individual prices apply to odd-sized documents, such as maps, plans, and for CDs and DVDs.

The following guides will assist you with your request:

A Pocket Guide to the California Public Records Act