City Administration

The Administration Department is the information link between City government, the community and the media.  It provides support to the City Manager, City Clerk and City Council addressing inquiries and setting appointments, as well as implementing Council decisions and intergovernmental projects.

The Department directs community concerns to the proper department for resolution and is continually seeking ways to improve interdepartmental communication in order to provide quality service to the community.   All requests for city assistance and/or special events are submitted to the Administration Department for review and approval by the City Manager.

Administration Staff, under the supervision of the City Manager, promotes special events and acts as support staff for several Commissions and Committees.  Staff also prepares and distributes news releases, plans news conferences, answers media inquiries and provides media relations.

Department Mission

The mission of the Administration Department is to (1) carry out the policies of the City Council; (2) manage the day-to-day operations of the City within the policies, parameters and budgets established by the City Council, (3) ensure municipal services are delivered efficiently to the public and (4) protect the health, safety and welfare of the residents.