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Recreation Services

The Community Services Department offers a multitude of recreation programs for all ages to encourage healthy and active lifestyles.  Sports, games, arts, classes and personal growth are part of what is offered in age-appropriate programming. 

The Community Services Department provides programs to keep kids off the street and off the couch.  Activities and classes are offered for kids, teens, adults and seniors in the following areas:


  • Kids.  Hawaiian dance, folkloric dance, belly dance, pre-ballet, kidz fitness, karate,

keyboarding, guitar, cheerleading, hip hop, and all sports. 

  • Teens.  Karate, fitness, Ti-Chi, break dance, basketball, ballet, Zumba kids, dodgeball tennis

and jewelry making. 

  • Adults.  Aerobics, Zumba, fitness, guitar, yoga, crocheting and basketball. 
  • Seniors.  Arts and crafts, Bingo, scrapbooking, crocheting, nutrition classes, alborada,

danzon, Tai chi, aerobics and Noches Bohemias.

Some of the other recreation activities provided by the Department include movie days at Calexico 10 Theatres, annual daddy daughter dance, playmania sporting day for kids ages 7 to 12, Tiny to Olympics for children ages 2-6, dance recitals, and a 60-70’s dance.

The Department provides a wide variety of programs for senior citizens that allows them to get together for eating, chatting and dancing.  The Department holds holiday celebrations including a Halloween dinner dance, Thanksgiving luncheon, Rocas de Reys, Valentines dinner dance, Mari Gras dinner dance, Fathers Day dinner dance, Mothers Day pot luck lunch for seniors, Grandparents Day dinner dance and New Years Eve dinner dance.  These events help seniors socialize and also give them an opportunity to celebrate the different holidays.  This is especially important because not all seniors can afford holiday meals and many live far away from other family members.

The Senior Hall continues to be rented by Catholic Charities to serve meals for senior citizens.  This partnership has been in effect since 2010 and works well since many seniors attending morning classes at the Community Center can just go next door for lunch.

The Community Services Department received a $25,000 grant from the Heffernan Memorial Healthcare District to fund the Senior Health and Wellness Program (SHWP).  The SHWP offers classes, arts and crafts, bingo, guitar and danzon classes.  Staff also visits senior apartment complexes two times per week to take programs to less mobile seniors.