Animal Control

The Animal Control Unit is currently staffed with two Animal Control Officers who perform a variety of enforcement duties to ensure compliance with the Calexico Municipal Code, law regulating the transportation, care and impounding of stray animals and the collection of animal control fees adopted by the City Council.

The Animal Control Unit has been working to upgrade the Animal Control Facility to ensure a safe environment for the animals.   This facility does not receive funding from federal, state or county governments.  The vital services offered to the community are made possible in part by the thoughtful generosity of supporters such as YOU.  If you are interested in helping us save homeless animals, promote responsible pet care and prevent pet overpopulation, financial contributions can be made. Your gift truly makes a difference in the lives of our animals.

All funds donated to the Animal Shelter will go to work at the animal shelter only.


Daily Tasks:

•Upkeep of Animal Control Facility

•Respond to loose canine calls

•Feral Cat Control

•Other animal calls

•Reunite owners with found pets

•Canine bite reports

•Assist in monthly vaccinations

•Take unwanted animals to Imperial County Humane Society