Library Board of Trustees

Calexico Municipal Code Chapter 2.26 - Library Board of Trustees

2.26.010 Established.
A board of library trustees (“Board”) will advise the Camarena Memorial Library in accordance with Chapter 5 of Title 1 of the California Education Code commencing at Section 18900, as it may be amended (“Municipal Libraries Act”).

2.26.020 Organization.
The Board will consist of five members, to be appointed by the Mayor, with the consent of the City Council. Members shall hold office for three years.

2.26.030 Duties.
The Board shall have the following duties and powers:
     1. Support the Camarena Memorial Library and other public libraries;
     2. Aid in meeting the community’s educational, recreational, informational, and cultural needs  to encourage lifelong learning and the pursuit of knowledge;
     3. Encourage the use of traditional and innovative library services. The Board shall also have such specific duties and powers as the city council shall from time to time invest in it.”

This commission will meet as follows:

Note:  If you have any questions regarding this commission, please contact Mrs. Lizeth Legaspi, Library Manager at (760) 768-2170.

Meeting Place: 
Calexico City Hall
Fernando "Nene" Torres Council Chambers
608 Heber Avenue, Calexico, California

Meeting Dates: First Monday of the Month

Meeting Time:  6:00 p.m.

Meetings may be cancelled and/or Special meetings held
*Check agenda to confirm upcoming meeting details

Board Members:

Consuelo Camacho, Chair
Guadalupe Espino, Vice-Chair
Maria E. Alarcon, Trustee
Angelica Angulo, Trustee
Elena Huie-Mendez, Trustee