Fire Prevention & Inspections

The goal of fire prevention is to decrease the number and severity of fires within in the City of Calexico. The Calexico Fire Department accomplishes this goal through public education programs, regular fire prevention inspections, code enforcement, vegetation management and enforcement. When fires do occur a fire investigation is conducted to determine the origin and cause of the fire.
The fundamental reason for conducting fire inspections is to limit the risk of life and property losses from fire by identifying those conditions, which contribute to the occurrence and spread of fire. To achieve this goal, the Calexico Fire Department reviews plans for conformance to code requirements. Fire sprinkler plans, as well as other types of built-in fire protection systems are also reviewed. Interaction with other city departments and county agencies is a high priority. Meetings are attended during the design and development stage with architects, fire protection engineers, and contractors to assure code compliance, accelerate the review and approval process, and minimize construction delays.
This program provides a comprehensive public fire education element that includes educational presentations on fire safety and prevention subjects to pre-school and elementary school aged children, informational demonstration booths and annual fire prevention open house, health fairs and school events, station tours and equipment displays; along with fire extinguisher safety courses.