Law Enforcement Functions

The Calexico Police Department has the responsibility of preserving the peace, responding to law enforcement service requests and protecting life and property within the City limits. Personnel are available 24 hours-a-day, seven days-a-week to prevent and investigate criminal activity, apprehend suspects and violators, investigate traffic accidents, and provide animal control services.  Officers conduct special investigations, crime analysis, training as well as records and evidence management and storage.  The Police Department also provides dispatch services to the Calexico Fire Department.  Personnel operate the Dispatch Center in the Police Department around the clock, seven days-a-week.

The Calexico Police Department provides services to the Citizens of the City of Calexico which has a population of 41,000. The Calexico Police Department has the following two major divisions:

Operations Division

The Operations Division consists of the patrol, traffic, and school resource functions. Uniform officers proactively patrol the city streets and respond to calls for service. The Patrol function is responsible for enforcing all criminal law and enforce all vehicle code violations. Officers assigned to traffic duties perform traffic-related enforcement and investigate traffic collisions in the community. The City is currently engaging the Calexico School District in reviving the School Resource Officer program, (SRO). If implemented, two SRO’s would be assigned to Calexico Unified School District to address safety issues within the school district's campuses.

Support Services Division

The Support Services Division consists of the Communications Unit. The Communication Unit is staffed with six full-time Public Safety Dispatchers. The Communication Unit has been allocated with one Public Safety Dispatch Supervisor and eight Public Safety Dispatchers which two positions are currently vacant. Public Safety Dispatchers are currently working 12-hour shift and are deployed according to the needs of the Public and Department.  The Records Unit is staff by two full-time records clerks. The Records Unit has been allocated with one Records Supervisor and three Records Clerk which two positions are currently vacant. The Records Unit handles all reports that are generated by officers, processes numerous requests from other law enforcement agencies, insurance companies request, citizen requests and various requests for research. This Records Unit also processes Livescans requests and performs other clerical duties. The Special Investigations Unit consists of the Police Department's participation in various task forces including NTF, BCU, and BEST. Police Detectives conduct criminal investigations. These positions are currently unfilled. The plans of the Department are to phase in officers into those positions as more officers are funded and hired.