Parking Enforcement Functions

The Parking Enforcement Unit is responsible for the enforcement of parking regulations set forth in the Calexico Municipal Code and threw California Vehicle Code.  Parking Enforcement Officers without favor or prejudice work cooperatively with the public to provide a safe community and strive to enhance the quality of life for all citizens through effective enforcement of parking regulations. 

The Parking enforcement unit handles illegally parked vehicles, disabled placard abuse and commercial enforcement.  Staff is responsible to collect the money from the downtown parking meters and assist in counting it.  In addition, the Parking Enforcement Unit provides valuable resources during special community events, major incidents such as natural disasters or major traffic collisions.  The staff in the Parking Enforcement Unit provides traffic control in the City's major thoroughfare for vehicles exiting the United States into Mexico.


The Parking Enforcement Unit is one of the few departments in the City that generates revenues. 

These revenues pays salaries for:

* Three Full Time Meter/Parking/Traffic personnel

* Temporary Traffic Controllers/Meter/Parking staff

Daily Tasks consist of:

•Meter/Parking Enforcement

•Traffic Control

•Assist Officers in Traffic Collisions

•Residential Abandoned Vehicle Checks

•Handicap Parking Violations

•City events, school events and parades