Use Your Mobile Phone to Pay for Parking

MobileNOW!, a global innovator of mobile payment solutions for parking, has successfully launched a comprehensive mobile payment program in the city of Calexico, CA.

A U.S. border gateway and historic attraction, Calexico is primarily a Hispanic community and hosts alarge number of tourists from Mexico.

To date, this implementation has been one of the heaviest bilingual mobile payment implementations in the U.S. The MobileNOW! platform in Calexico is a private labeled version called ParkCalexico.

“On behalf of the city of Calexico and the Business Improvement District, we are thrilled to launch ParkCalexico throughout the community. The convenience of mobile payments is part of our larger strategy to reduce congestion in historic downtown Calexico and modernize the area,” said Richard Warne, Calexico City Manager.

“MobileNOW! has done a great job accommodating dual language needs of the community such as Spanish versions of the app, IVR, signage, and promotional materials.” “We are pleased to work with Calexico, a historical landmark and unique blend of American and Mexican cultures,” said John Oglesby, MobileNOW! President and CEO.

“We are among the first in the industry to proactively anticipate and address language barriers, not only in our product development but in every aspect of the program launch.” For more information, click here.