Planning Department

The Planning Office reviews all residential, commercial and industrial development proposals made by developers to the City of Calexico. It processes all requests for annexations, rezonings, and land use entitlements such as conditional use permits (CUP), subdivision maps and commercial and industrial site plans. The department coordinates recommendations from the City Engineer, City Attorney, Public Works Manager, Building Official, Fire Chief, Police Chief, other staff members, utility companies and other stakeholders and interested parties. Planning Office personnel serve as staff members to the City Council, Planning Commission and various citizens’ advisory committees. They make written and verbal recommendations to these decision-making bodies at public meetings.

The Planning Office is also responsible for long-range and advanced planning in the City. Staff prepares reports and studies for the Planning Commission and City Council on long-range planning issues in the areas of land use, circulation, parks, open space, beautification, housing, historic preservation, conservation, streets, roads and many other community development issues. Planning Office personnel also make recommendations to the Planning Commission and City Council concerning updates to the General Plan, City Sphere of Influence (SOI) Municipal Services Plan, Five-Year Capital Improvements Plan (CIP) and state-mandated Environmental Impact Reports (EIR).



Planning Department Resources: