Fire Stations & Apparatus

Calexico Fire Station #1
Headquarters / Station #1Calexico Fire Department Headquarters also serves as Station #1 serving the East side of Calexico. It is located on 415 E. Fourth Street. Station #1 houses Engine 11, and Medic Unit 2670 as its frontline apparatus. Cross staffed apparatus include Truck 91 and Brush 11. Station #1 also houses the Fire Chief's vehicle, Utility Truck 3827, The Fire Inspector's vehicle, the County Wide Hazardous Materials support trailer, California OES Urban Search and Rescue (USAR) trailer as well as Reserve Ambulances 2672 and 2675.  Station #1 is the busiest of both stations logging 3,500 incidents in 2016. The average response time to incidents in this district was 4 minutes and 30 seconds. This station is staffed with a minimum of 5 personnel. Truck 91 is a three person truck company, Medic Unit 2670 is staffed with 1 paramedic and 1 EMT.  
   Truck 91
Calexico Fire Station #2
Station #2Station #2 is located at 900 W. Grant Street on the West side of the city. Station #2 houses Engine 22 as its frontline apparatus and Engine 3821 as its reserve unit. Station #2 houses a three person engine company. Station #2 responded to just under 1,500 calls in 2016. The average response time was 4 minutes and 27 seconds.